TravelAlwaysLove is an online blog intended to spark inspiration for both travel and fashion lovers. The goal is to provide breathtaking photos, videos and adventures in hopes to ignite the curiosity of like-minded individuals to explore the magical world we live in, all while doing it fashionably. This vision is achieved by Megan Schoenbauer, with the assistance of her boyfriend/photographer, Samuel Garvin.

Megan, being from a small town in Minnesota, was inspired to travel after flying on her first airplane at the young age of 3. Where to? Walt Disney World, of course!

Growing up in MN, you get to experience all of the seasons, but definitely not all environments. Traveling helps you learn about the many types of people, cultures, foods, traditions, and yes – even the different fashions!

Megan graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and minored in both Business Administration and Marketing Spring 2016.

Currently, Megan works full-time as an Accountant and dedicates much of her free-time to TravelAlwaysLove, with the intent of traveling and growing her closet throughout this journey called life.

If you want to embark on this journey with Megan, please contact her via email: travelalwayslove@gmail.com.