Minnesota’s April Blizzard

So I know what you are thinking… how can it blizzard in APRIL of all months? The time of year where April showers are supposed to bring May flowers? I guess Mother Nature decided that snow will do the trick (although I’m still not seeing any flowers yet)!

The snow storm started late Friday night on the 4/13 and it didn’t stop snowing until late Sunday night 4/15. Talk about a lot of snow! 18+ inches to be exact!

Since no one really wants to travel on horrifying road conditions, we were basically stuck in our homes until the snow stopped and the plows could do their thing.

Although I’m not a fan of snow in April, it did make a great backdrop for a photoshoot.

Enjoy some pics below of me frolicking in the snow! Also, shoutout to my hunny for being my photographer. You da best ❤️

PS- If you are bored during a snow storm, I recommend finding some friends/family and have yourself a snowball fight! Also, don’t forget to build a fort to protect yourself from incoming snowballs (seriously snowballs to the face are NOT ideal).

It’s much more entertaining than being cooped up for a few days (the above picture is my half-way built snow-fort… no judging allowed 😂)!

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